Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy Weight loss


Our Program is designed specifically for Breastfeeding mothers who are looking to shed excess weight while ensuring optimal nutrition for both themselves and their babies. From Understanding post partum fat loss, to learning changes your body goes through after child birth to adding lactation supporting foods and practicing Portion Control and Mindful eating all under one roof. Join our Post Pregnancy Weight Loss program today and Embark on a journey towards healthier, fitter NEW YOU!

-30-60 minute meetings after every 2 sessions (Online or Offline).
-Once a week email/chat/phone call/WhatsApp/FaceTime/Skype
-Customized Lactation nutrition meal plans.
-Customized healthy recipes for each plan based on your Dietary
Preferences and Cultural backgrounds.
-Diet Diary.
-List of Lactation Supporting Foods
-Healthy Holiday Survival Guide.
-Snack Smart with Nutrivity.
-Addressing challenges faced during Breastfeeding.
-Healthy Dining Guide.
-Workout Guide.
-Day to Day Necessity Guide.
-Evaluation of Diet Diary after every 2 sessions (Online or Offline).
-Links to workout videos and stretching exercises.
-Providing Daily Chat Support and Accountability.
-Unlimited Queries.