Beetroot Tikki


1 cup raw banana (boiled)
1/2 cup boiled chickpeas, mashed
1/4 cup boiled corn
1/2 cup crumbled paneer (Indian cottage cheese)
1 cup boiled beetroot
1 tbsp spices of your choice (we have used haldi , Kashmiri red chilli powder , coriander powder , chaat masala)
1 teaspoon ginger paste
1/4 cup semolina (rava)
Salt to taste
1/2 cup semolina (Rava) for coating
Olive Oil for shallow frying


In a mixing bowl, combine beetroot, mashed chickpeas, boiled corn, crumbled paneer, ginger paste, garam masala, cumin powder, rava and salt.
Mix the ingredients well until they form a cohesive mixture. Adjust salt and spices according to your taste.
Divide the mixture into small portions and shape them into round or oval tikkis.
Heat oil in a pan for shallow frying over medium heat.
Spread the semolina (Rava) on a plate. Coat each tikki evenly with semolina, pressing gently so it adheres to the surface.
Place the coated tikkis in the hot oil and shallow fry until they turn golden brown on both sides.
Serve the high-protein beetroot tikkis with your favorite chutney or sauce.
These tikkis make for a nutritious and tasty snack or appetizer. Enjoy your meal!

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